How to Serve Caviar

What is the Best way to serve caviar?

Caviar is a sought after, expensive delicacy, which is why it is so important to serve it correctly. The appeal of caviar comes from its unique and delicate flavours and textures, and therefore the less you do with caviar in terms of preparation, the better the experience. 

The best way to serve caviar is by itself! Maybe paired with a vodka or champagne to cleanse the palate, but the addition of outside flavours may impede your experience. Many even advise on steering clear of metal spoons for consumption as this may have a negative effect on the flavour profile of the caviar.

What can you serve with caviar?

Experienced caviar tasters may choose to pair the delicacy with a variety of foods, such as toast points, creme fraiche, blinis or hard boiled eggs. You may notice that these foods have very little flavour and therefore the caviar is the star of the dish. Being the main attraction, it's a vital part of the caviar tasting experience to present the caviar well. But what makes for a good caviar presentation?

Caviar Presentation

If you are enjoying caviar on its own, it is best to serve on a bed of ice in the original tin. Disturbing the caviar as little as possible is important, as popping the eggs may have an effect on the texture or taste of the caviar.

If you are presenting the caviar with other ingredients, be sure to place the caviar last, as a garnish. The best time to serve caviar is anytime! Although we suggest enjoying caviar as a starter, with a nice champagne. 

We wish you the best of luck with your caviar tasting experience and hope that you have learned about how to present caviar, how to serve caviar and how to eat caviar.