The Champagne of Boursault

Understanding Boursault and the Marne Valley sub-region of Champagne – a unique Terroir and variety of grape.

Often regarded as the cradle of the creation of Champagne, the Marne Valley is praised for the grapes and wine it produces. It is because of its location along the banks of the Marne that enables the French champagne region to have a unique Terroir that has resulted in its superlative champagne. The soil found within the French champagne region is a mixture of various clays, marls, and limestones, and this diversity adds to the complexity and nature of the wines that are produced. Additionally, the cool, oceanic climate infused with a continental influence generates the fresh brisk conditions required to grow the grapes that are integral to champagne.

There are three main grape varieties across the sub-region: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, and what makes the Marne Valley so special is its ability to uphold and excel in producing these varieties to over 1116 vineyard owners on an annual basis. Champagne Michel Laval is one of the vineyard owners, and its Tradition Brut and Le Secret De Jules utilise and implement these grapes uniquely to produce the pristine wine we have in our cellar.

Discovering Wineries in Boursault – Michel Laval

With a family that has been involved within the industry and French champagne region since the late 19th century, it comes as no surprise that “Michel Laval” produces one of the finest first-press champagnes available on the market. The Laval family vineyards surround the commune and Château de Boursault, an area infamous within the region for its social gatherings that included the high society of Champagne. Today, Champagne Michel Laval sets itself apart from other producers with its environmentally focused viticulture practices. Their desire is to promote a sincere and lively champagne that simultaneously protects the nature and land they work on.

Unique Characteristics

What sets the wine produced in Boursault apart from its neighbouring plots is its distinct character. Upon uncorking, it reveals a symphony of aromas, ranging from delicate floral notes to hints of ripe fruits, tantalising the olfactory senses. Its effervescence dances on the palate, offering a complex yet refined taste profile with a lingering finish, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication. The wine of Champagne Michel Laval embodies these characteristics with its bright citrus fruits and syrupy zest finish across their cellar. Appearance is key to good champagne, and the Laval vineyard is renowned for its coppery-gold appearance that shines with each pour.


Its position within the region of Champagne and the characteristics that are attributed to Boursault’s wines make it one of the more exquisite and sought-after champagnes available on the market. The Laval family’s deep roots within both the Boursault region and industry make it an appealing vineyard to approach if you’re looking for France’s finest!