What is Oscietra Caviar?

Oscietra, also known as Oscietre, Osetra, Ossetra, or Asetra caviar is one of the highest value caviars on the market, alongside beluga & sevruga. The caviar harvested from Osetra sturgeon can vary in both size and flavour, depending on the diet and water conditions. In general, the caviar are of a medium to large size and are known for having a nutty, creamy flavour with a pleasant burst, releasing aromas of the sea. The lighter colour oscietra caviar that resemble more of a golden brown are more sought after as they have the deepest flavour and are known to come from the older sturgeon.

A Brief History of Oscietra / Ossetra / Osetra

Oscietra sturgeon varieties are native to the Caspian Sea and have been a delicacy in eastern Europe for centuries. The word caviar was derived from the Persian word chav-jar, which means “cake of strength,” and the Oscietra variety was integrated into modern day popularity by Prussian royalty. As genuine Oscietra caviar is rare and highly sought after, it has become a luxury today, costing anywhere from $3000 - $4500/Kg. The beluga sturgeon is the only sturgeon that produces caviar more expensive than Oscietra. Today the Oscietra sturgeon face extinction from its native habitat in the Caspian Sea due to overfishing, increasing the value of the product even more. Now, cultivation of the fish is taking place in various countries including Russia, Iran, France, and other countries in the European Union.

Our Suggested Pairings

Traditionally, Oscietra caviar has been served on blinis with a crème fraiche and diced onions, however with the extension of modern cuisine, new culinary methods of preparing the delicacy are being engineered all the time. Dry and nutty white wines pair excellently with the caviar, accentuating the soft saline notes. Some chefs have experimented with pastas, poultry and other seafoods, taking advantage of the silky, nutty quality and heightening both the smoothness and quality of a dish. Other people prefer to simply enjoy Oscietra caviar off the back of their hand - or even for breakfast, caviar toast!