What is Caviar?

If there is one food that is synonymous with luxury, it is caviar. Originally harvested by Persian and Prussian fishermen, caviar is now one of the most expensive and opulent gourmet foods in the world due to its rarity, luxurious flavour, and texture.

Put simply, caviar is unfertilised sturgeon eggs (or sturgeon roe). It is harvested from sturgeon originally found in the Caspian Sea, a variety of species, including Sevruga, Oscietra (or Osetra), and the crown jewel of caviar, Beluga Sturgeon. In recent years, many sustainable caviar farms have started to breed sturgeon, as overfishing was occurring in the Caspian Sea. It can be said that these caviar farms produce a more consistent & tastier caviar.

The different species of caviar sturgeon may produce roe slightly different in taste, however all are characteristically smooth, with minimal aroma. To achieve the best outcomes, the sturgeon roe is slightly salted using the malossol caviar method.

How to eat Caviar

If you are looking for a new culinary experience that will reform your tastebuds, caviar is a perfect ingredient to enhance your appetisers. As a luxury product, it is best consumed in the simplest forms to truly experience the elegant texture and iconic flavour. Used as an exquisite garnish, it can be served on unsalted crackers, dry bread, hard-boiled eggs, pasta, and risotto. Additionally, you can use different foods to embellish and enhance the taste of caviar such as butter, crème fraîche, green or red onion and lemon wedges. The better the caviar, the simpler accompaniment you should use - some people prefer to eat caviar off the back of their hand, or even caviar toast! 

Caviar Toast

Caviar toast is an effortless and simple way to enjoy the delicacy. The richness, saltiness & umami of caviar is best enjoyed with fewer ingredients. There are plenty of recipes available online, however for a first & best experience, we recommend starting simple. The following recipe is a great way to enjoy caviar for the first time.

  1. Remove crust and cut into 4 triangles (toast points)
  2. Toast until golden brown
  3. Mix a pinch of salt and crème fraiche until well combined
  4. Spread a teaspoon worth of the crème fraiche mixture on each slice of toast
  5. Add ½ a teaspoon of caviar (using a mother of pearl spoon) to each slice of toast
  6. Enjoy!